About Us:
Hunter Christmas Trees roots are deep in the wholesale Christmas tree business. While still attending high school in the 1940's, Jim, along with other industry pioneers, began harvesting and selling natural Douglas-fir Christmas trees. With its' unique soil formations, Shelton, Washington was the perfect location to produce this slow growing, traditional tree. Local growers produced and shipped millions of trees from the Shelton area, and the small Olympic Peninsula town became known as the Christmas Tree capital of the World. Most trees were harvested directly from a young forest, and were loaded onto boxcars that shipped by rail to distant southern locations.
As the Christmas tree industry expanded ,scientific techniques developed for farming and harvesting trees advanced the industry to new levels. Our company has grown right along with the industry, and today we farm over 300 acres of trees that are nurtured from seedling to harvest. Most of our fields are located in the rich fertile soils of Mossyrock, Washington where the perfect balance of elevation, rainfall, and soil nutrients, creates an environment that produces premium Christmas trees. Our dedication to quality produces trees that satisfy the desires of both the wholesale and retail customer.

The Hunter family comes from a long line of farmers. Sons, Curt and Greg joined the business in the late 1970's, and today we have three generations actively contributing to the success of our farm. While Jim and Joan continue to help as needed the primary day to day duties of managing the family farm have been passed to the next generation. These responsibilities are shared by sons Curt and his wife Sandy and Greg and his wife Tami.

We stand behind our quality trees with honest and direct service to our customers. We grow all major Northwest varieties of trees and still produce the traditional, natural Douglas-fir that was the center of the market so many years ago. Hunter Christmas Trees LLC is a farm combining 21st century farming with traditional values. We hope we can be of service to you.