Fund Raising:

  • Christmas is the best fund fundraising time of the year.
  • Christmas trees have a high profit () margin with little or no overhead.
  • Christmas trees are a desired product.
  • This may be the only fundraiser you need.
Selling Christmas trees and wreaths is a terrific opportunity for schools, churches, sports teams, scouts and service groups. Imagine a fundraising idea that has very little risk and an enormous potential profit! For many groups this type of holiday event has become the single most important fundraiser of the year.


Selling Christmas trees will earn you Money!

At Hunters, we have over 30 years of personal experience retailing Christmas Trees and supplying service groups with high quality Christmas trees. We can help you reach your financial goals. Our experience is primarily supporting service groups with Christmas tree lots. For groups that would like to eliminate risk by pre-selling Christmas trees and wreaths, we have a strong working relationship with another firm that specializes in the organization of pre-selling and distributing products. Together, we have the knowledge, organization, and expertise to help your group meet your fundraising goals by either successfully pre-selling Christmas trees and wreaths, or by operating a tree lot.

Key to your groups success will be a large community of supporters who have a willingness to change their buying habits and buy from you.

      Selling Christmas trees and wreaths is profitable because:

  • Desired Product. You will be selling a product that people buy every year. Buying from your group just makes sense. Friends and neighbors will receive top quality, farm fresh trees and will be able to support the community all in one purchase.
  • High profit margin and low overhead. Since you are a group of volunteers, overhead is extremely low and you are able to set your own margin of profits. An average tree sale can net your organization $30.00. Compared to other products this provides a great return on the time you have invested to make a sale.

Single fundraising event. The Christmas Holiday season is the best fundraising time of the year, and you are selling a product that has lots of potential customers. Putting your focus on one event with high community involvement and proven results frees up time and energy to focus on running your program.

If your searching for a new fund raising opportunity look no further, click here or dial 1 (360) 490-4216 to speak to someone directly. Our professional staff will be happy to guide you.